From what I hear It's another smash by Goldberg and Rogen.
The theme song is by Huey Lewis and The News. Word is that Rogen was the one to convice the legend to write a theme for this joint. Director David Gordon Green said, “Our only input was, we told him we wanted it to sound like his 80s work that we loved so much. And we wanted to have the plot in it. And we wanted to have him say the title as many times as he could. There is a lot of alto sax." So I really doubt this film could do me wrong. Danny McBride's character might be my favorite. And that's just because of the trailer. He was great in Drillbit and amazing in Hot Rod.
It also looks like The Foot Fist Way is being released on DVD 9/23/08. Word!

Non Movie Info

Looks like Ghostface is working on a new album. Strictly R&B. Not like that good ol fashion soul we're so found of hearing. "Like da Jodeci Remix." Mr.Coles did go on to say that, "It's still gonna be street." Tony for Mayor.

Also, Large Pro will be droppin Main Source on 9/30/08. I'll be all over that.
Track Listing below.

1. The Entrance
2. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing
3. 'Maica Living' (w/ Killah Sha & Guardian Leep)
4. Pump Ya Fist (w/ Mikey D Lotto)
5. Party Time
6. In The Ghetto
7. Hardcore Hip Hop
8. Frantic Barz
9. Sewin’ Love
10. Ru Dope (w/ Jeru Tha Damaja)
11. Dap (w/ Lil Dap)
12. Noyd (w/ Big Noyd)
13. Classic Emergency
14. Rockin’ Hip Hop
15. Large Pro Says
16. To The Meadows
17. The Hardest (w/ AZ & Styles P)



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