Happy Birthday, Queen.


Prime Action: Part 1

And we're back! Thought I would resurrect the ol' blog to share a few things and talk some smack. I'm currently all out of smack, so let's start sharing. 
First up - AMAZON PRIME!! And we're going full 90's!! The folks over at Prime are running the streaming game! Each one of these flicks reminds me of staying up way past my bedtime and just binging whatever the TV Gods blessed me with. I won't waste anymore of your time, so let's get into it. Click the title for a direct link to the flicks.
A Dangerous Place (1994) Starring:Ted Jan Roberts, Corey Feldman, Mako Runtime:1 hour, 36 minutes
When Ethan's older brother Greg is found dead, the police rule the case a suicide, but Ethan suspects foul play stemming from Greg's recent involvement with a martial arts team called the Scorpions. Ethan is also accomplished at martial arts, and he determines to join the Scorpions as a means of learning what really happened to Greg. - IMDB
Watch for Feldman's den…


Please don't mind the sloppiness, photobucket is being a dick. It's time for L2BT to be revamped. Thinking of leaving blogspot for another. We'll see.

Where Will They Find Me

Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle

Happy Anniversary

Ghostface - Mighty Healthy

Ghostface - Apollo Kids Feat. Raekwon

Ghostface - Cher Chez La Ghost Feat. U-God

Ten years ago today. Happy Anniversary Supreme Clientele.

Uncut Raw

AZ - Exhibit AZ

AZ goes over the Jay Electronica cut. Listen up!