From the Rypod

It seems a lot of podcasts have filled the internet with bullshit after bullshit. A couple (and i mean 2) have caught my attention over the years and have kept me more than entertained.
First up is Mr. Doug Benson with I Love Movies. Doug talks with his friends about movies. That's it. If you're not a fan of Benson ... fuck off.
Another favorite of mine is, Comedy and Everything Else. Todd Glass, Jimmy Dore and his beautiful lady friend Stefané Zamorano. Glass tends to go on these hysterical/passionate rants about anything and everything, often reminding me of myself. Dore gives his touch of comedy and sarcasm. Stefané chimes in with her wit and sensibility. They are all very levelheaded and It really works. Even if they(Dore and Zamorano) think Danny McBride was in Super Troopers. The bunch are always cool and collected. Ok maybe just cool. Great shit!
All these can be found on Itunes or the websites above. So crack open that Silver Bullet or spark something up and have a good time.


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