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CNN Pt.3

"20 little joint roaches. You can't do nuttin wit dat, dat don't even look pretty in the ash tray."

From the Rypod

It seems a lot of podcasts have filled the internet with bullshit after bullshit. A couple (and i mean 2) have caught my attention over the years and have kept me more than entertained.
First up is Mr. Doug Benson with I Love Movies. Doug talks with his friends about movies. That's it. If you're not a fan of Benson ... fuck off.
Another favorite of mine is, Comedy and Everything Else.Todd Glass, Jimmy Dore and his beautiful lady friend Stefané Zamorano. Glass tends to go on these hysterical/passionate rants about anything and everything, often reminding me of myself. Dore gives his touch of comedy and sarcasm. Stefané chimes in with her wit and sensibility. They are all very levelheaded and It really works. Even if they(Dore and Zamorano) think Danny McBride was in Super Troopers. The bunch are always cool and collected. Ok maybe just cool. Great shit!
All these can be found on Itunes or the websites above. So crack open that Silver Bullet or spark something up and have a good t…

Stiller vs Rogen


I made a myspace bulletin about this so i'm not going to say much here except ... fuck Tropic Thunder. Fuck it up it's stupid predictable ass.

Title of the Year

Goon Opera

Krohme - The Beats Released Volume 1: South of Heaven, due out in October.

I believe Dennis has gone over this sample before. Great track even if C-Rayz Ballz is on it. HATER!!!

More Illegal Living

Pt 2

grimey > shiny suits
"We're just anti wack music."

Hip Hop Junkies

Last night I caught an amazing/hilarious live performance on NYCTV from Nice and Smooth at the Video Music Box 25th Anniversary Tribute Concert. Smooth B was looking sort of . . . shaggy. But he's still a smooth mutha fucka.
Other legends I saw: Milk Dee, Chubb Rock, Lost Boyz and Schooly D. I missed a few others because I tuned in too late.

A classic throwback. Enjoy!!

Rare Selections EP Vol. 1 and 2

$80.00 each ?

Parkway had links.

Illegal Life

CNN - Channel 10

"You just got killed by a Daewoo Lanos, motherfucker!"

"Fuck the po-lice!"
5 Stars
I will be seeing this again. You should also.

Don't forget where it started.

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

What the fuck ? Is the return of the messiah approaching? What a rough weekend. This is a real shock and upset. I got nothing more.


R.I.P. Big Mac



From what I hear It's another smash by Goldberg and Rogen.
The theme song is by Huey Lewis and The News. Word is that Rogen was the one to convice the legend to write a theme for this joint. Director David Gordon Green said, “Our only input was, we told him we wanted it to sound like his 80s work that we loved so much. And we wanted to have the plot in it. And we wanted to have him say the title as many times as he could. There is a lot of alto sax." So I really doubt this film could do me wrong. Danny McBride's character might be my favorite. And that's just because of the trailer. He was great in Drillbit and amazing in Hot Rod.
It also looks like The Foot Fist Way is being released on DVD 9/23/08. Word!

Non Movie Info

Looks like Ghostface is working on a new album. Strictly R&B. Not like that good ol fashion soul we're so found of hearing. "Like da Jodeci Remix." Mr.Coles did go on to say that, "It's still gonna be street." Tony for Ma…

Showing Soon

Most anticipated so far. In no order.

The Watchmen

You already know. The greatest graphic novel coming to the big screen. R rating and all! The trailer (which I have watched more than a shitload) looks epic and true to the story. So far I hear non of the Comedian's controversial scenes are being cut. That would just fuck it all up. And Alan Moore doesn't want anything to do with it. Of course. 3/06/09

The Road

Cormac McCarthy's novel of the same name is coming alive. An amazing read. I spent my time reading this and listening to the latest Earth album. Which I highly recommend doing.
The story is about a father and son who travel the U.S. during post-apocalyptic times after an unexplained disaster. Most of the planet has been destroyed while the remaining people are refugees or cannibals. It's also a really great heartfelt father/son story. I doubt this movie will have the same affect as the book (and Earth) but I'm still really excited for this. 11/26/08

Zack and Miri …