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R U Listenin

Show some love. Yancey Boys.

More More Layover Ep

Layover Ep tomorrow.

Speaking of best EPS/LPS of 08... Duck Season 3.

The Truth is White Van Music

Another Rik Cordero joint. From White Van Music. One of the hottest LP's of 08.

More Layover Ep

"Did Kanye West have anything to do with your beard?"

The Argument

"you still have a skytel 2 way pager."
"you think you gonna lose that damn stomach eattin turkey meat?"

No Jokes No Games Kid

I don't get down with weak animation but i do support H.N.I.C. to the fullest and this is honestly how it goes down for him. The Alchemist sets up the hologram from the outside and P intercepts from the inside. Brilliant.

Lou Diamond

"It’s an underground record. I kept each producer in the zone. You’d never know that the record had all these different producers if I didn’t tell you, because they came with gritty beats to make a gritty album."

Rae says March will bring OB4QL2. Talks about The Purple Book, Mixtape and not being on Aftermath.

Don't Hate

Straight from The Layover Ep. Nov 25th.

Christmas List Continues

Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon is no stranger to streetwear. After several successful collaboration with the likes of Supreme, Diamond Supply Co., and Alife, Rae’ is set to release his newest collab effort, this time deciding to link up with Akomplice and streetwear retailer, Tradition .
Raekwon has been staying just 20 minutes from Tradition while putting the final touches on his long anticipated “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.”
This tee will release in 3 colors this Saturday, November 22nd at 1:00 p.m. exclusively at Tradition. A very limited Wu-Tang yellow colorway (Only 24 pieces) will release later on that night at the Akomplice season 9 release party also at Tradition. Raekwon is set to make a guest appearance that night as well, and will perform a short set of classics for those in attendance.


That Ride Around Ya Hood All Day With Ya Gun Shit

FIYYYAAA!!! Hottest video i've seen all year.

You Know The Flavor

Coming in January, Slang Prostitution.

Trailer 3

March is too far away.

Young Kids Is Like, Who Is That Flowin?

This video just made my day. Now look how fucking happy this man is. Erick Sermon still killing it!!! Jacked straight from Eskay.

Wanna Touch My Mohawk?

"Quarter Punks don’t play…Quarter Punks don’t go."
Dance of the Dead is a comedy/horror/comedy where a bunch of high school kids have to take on a town full of zombies the day of their Prom. Yeah, some of the zombies and gags were a bit lame but I really didn’t expect the horror aspect to blow me away. It plays like a made for TV movie with surprisingly funny dialogue... here and there. Its a good watch if you don’t take it serious and you’re with a few people. Hell I was alone and laughed out loud a bunch of times.

Who Run This

New Jada video off the soon to be here album, The Last Kiss. Check the NYG jacket. Nice. Could do without the Joe Camel chatter.
Jadakiss - Who Run This

High Powered

New Scarface video. Of course it's a banger!! Off his last solo album coming 12/2

1. Intro (Feat. J. Prince)
2. High Powered
3. Forgot About Me (Feat. Lil Wayne & Bun B)
4. Can’t Get Right
5. Still Here
6. It’s Not A Game
7. Who Are They
8. Soldier Story
9. Redemption Song
10. High Note
11. We Need You
12. Unexpected
13. Emeritus
14. Outro

It's Like That

Check the newest Watchmen poster.
This film better not be trash.
In other awesome* and not so awesome** movie news:
*The CW cancels The Graysons
**Steven Spielberg and Will Smith might remake Oldboy.

Also, David Wain'sRole Models, comes out today! Go see it!

Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In, is a novel written by Swedish writer, John Ajvide Lindqvist. I'm pretty sure that it's nothing less than amazing but, i haven't read it. Now the film on the other hand... I suggest you find a way to see it and do just that. One of the best vampire movies I've ever seen. Hurry up before Hollywood remakes it. If you're unaware of this film....some info. This movie is incredible.

You Know It !


What a beautiful night. Congratulations.

Cookin Soul' Presents

Yeah, it's a few days late but, fuck it!
Click HERE for the dl.
Happy Holloween