Showing Soon

Most anticipated so far. In no order.

The Watchmen

You already know. The greatest graphic novel coming to the big screen. R rating and all! The trailer (which I have watched more than a shitload) looks epic and true to the story. So far I hear non of the Comedian's controversial scenes are being cut. That would just fuck it all up. And Alan Moore doesn't want anything to do with it. Of course. 3/06/09

The Road

Cormac McCarthy's novel of the same name is coming alive. An amazing read. I spent my time reading this and listening to the latest Earth album. Which I highly recommend doing.
The story is about a father and son who travel the U.S. during post-apocalyptic times after an unexplained disaster. Most of the planet has been destroyed while the remaining people are refugees or cannibals. It's also a really great heartfelt father/son story. I doubt this movie will have the same affect as the book (and Earth) but I'm still really excited for this. 11/26/08

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

The cast includes Seth Rogan (Zach) Elizabeth Banks(Miri) Jason Mewes(Lester) Jeff Anderson (Deacon) Traci Lords(Bubbles)(serious) legendary Tom Savini(Jenkins) and Craig Robinson(Delaney).
Kevin Smith was reportedly working hard for an R rating and turns out he got just that. So this just means when the DVD comes out it will just be funnier and filthy er. Which is why I'll go see this on a Tuesday for free. Optimum Rewards 10/ ? /08


Zach Galifianakis. That's all. Trailer. (??/??/??)

Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale takes over the role of John Connor in this latest instalment from the Terminator franchise. The trailer is a teaser all the way. I feel the next trailer will do more justice. At this point anything is better than Rise of the Machines. The war is on. 5/22/09

Burn After Reading

Coen Brothers do another crime/comedy. Brad Pitt, Frances McDormand, George Clooney and John Malkovich. The trailer looks wacky but I'm sure it'll be a hoot! 9/12/08

Year One
(Peep Rorschach creepin in the middle)
Harold Ramis (Adam) directs and co-produces this R rated comedy about two agnostic men (Jack Black and Michael Cera) traveling through Biblical times. Yeah, Black is in it. Oh how i pray he doesn't ruin this. Judd Apatow produces and David Cross is Cane. If that doesn't save it this scene stealer will. ?/??/??

Hamlet 2

Fuck you i like Steve Coogan.
Drama teacher and failed actor Dana Marschz (Coogan) writes a musical sequel to ... ya know. Seems a bit cheese at times so I'll wait till a Tuesday or just wait for the DVD. And a cameo by the beautiful/sexy Elizabeth Shue. Rock me sexy Jesus. 8/29/08


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