Hornet Save Thyself

I'm sure we're all aware of The Green Hornet movie that is being written by, Seth Rogen (also playing Britt Reid) and Evan Goldberg (not playing Kato). I've read that many people feel that Rogen isn't going to pull this off. My question is ... why? Why wouldn't he? Because all we see him in are roles that make us go into uncontrollable fits of laughter? An action movie with comedy? How can that be terrible? It's not like the fanbase for Hornet is immense and fans are going to be livid. Reid and Kato were a fun team and I believe Rogen will do it justice. Team Rogen/Franco sure didn't disapoint at all. Now lets just hope some shitty ass director doesn't come in and turn it into a disaster.

I remember watching The Green Hornet as a kid over at my Grandmother's apt off Monroe St. Whatever telvision staion it was on, didn't play it as often as i would have liked. I think it would come on before or around the same time as The Monkees. And that episode of Batman with The Green Hornet was hardest out. Even then I knew it was next level. Fuck, tv used to rule so hard.

Killer theme song.


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